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Welcome to the Scanflex Healthcare Group

The Scanflex Healthcare Group is a global leading provider of innovative high quality products and solutions helping phycians and hospitals to perform the best possible patient care.
Our core business units focus on Medical Imaging, Skeletal Health, Radiotherapy and Personal Radiation Protection.
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The Scanflex Opaque Collection™

The lightest and safest Radiation Protective Apron ever!

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The Scanflex Opaque Collection™

The most personal protection lightweight and most efficient ever against radiation.

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Swemacimaging Logo

The inventor of the Biplanar®

The only true Dual View Surgical Imaging solution

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Everyone should have the right to know their Bone Health.

Our award-winning DXL technology makes this possible.

Surgical Imaging


The uniqe BIPLANAR™ Dual View Surgical Imaging solution offers the ideal functionality for orthopaedic and traumatic surgery procedures.

Radiation Protection


Three decades of reserach and innovation has made us one of the most trusted manufacturer of products for Personal Radiation Protection for Radiology and Nuclear Medicine.

Skeletal Health


Everyone should have the right to know their bone health. Through our award-winning DXL technology it’s now possible to diagnose and categorize patients early.



Daily quality assurance of the treatment equipment is essential for safe and efficient radiotherapy. We provide comprehensive, safe and intuitive Quality Assurance systems for Radiotherapy.