DXL Calscan Newsletter – May 2022

Presently there are 43 published clinical studies in the Calscan Scientific Study Collection. These studies lay the foundation to our claims that the Calscan is extremely effective in predicting those persons who are in danger of a major osteoporotic fracture in the future as well as excluding those who are healthy from receiving unnecessary care or treatment.

Currently there are 3 clinical studies ongoing with Calscan. One is a multi-center study of the diabetic foot and a comparison of how well patients recover using a new type of shoe instead of traditional casts. Another is a follow-up study on bone density after ACL surgery. The 3rd is examining the effect of osteogenic loading on bone mineral density in healthy adults.

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Vienna study shows excellent DXL Calscan results

Study results presented at the Austrian Society of Bone & Mineral Research on November 17th by Dr. Christian Muschitz showed that DXL Calscan identified more clinically osteoporotic patients with fragility fractures of the spine than scans of the hip & spine using the iDXA, an axial DXA device. The comparable scans were performed on the same fracture patients using DXL Calscan at the heel and the iDXA axial device at the femur neck, spine, total hip.

According to Dr. Muschitz conclusion, “BMD measurements of the calcaneus with DXL Calscan are comparable to BMD measurements at the spine and hip to identify patients at risk for osteoporotic fractures.”

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DXL Calscan prospective hip fracture study on 4398 women presented at ASBMR Congress in Denver

New Study of 4398 Swedish Women Shows Heel Scans by DXL Calscan are Comparable to Hip DXA Scans in Predicting Hip Fractures.​

The results were presented at the American Society of Bone Mineral Research (ASBMR) annual meeting in Denver, Colorado by researchers from Karolinska Institute in Sweden. These findings should lead to increased availability of bone density testing due the cost-effective and mobile scanning method available.

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